My name is Cecilia Helle and I am a writer and journalist. I run the blog My mindful living. It is about balance, healing and recovery after a fatigue.

A couple of years ago I crashed, got burnt out and did not get out of bed in a year. Then I got the advice of my doctor to move out to the country. My doctor had seen many of his patients recover when they lived closer to nature. So I moved out to my summer house on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, and as time went on I began to love my life on our little island.

Today I feel good again and conduct, among other things, online courses about how to deal with stress and gain balance.

My next book will be a feelgood novel. The history is about a woman who has given up hope of love.

No one can love her because of her illness, she thinks. But she encounters a man who proves her wrong.

Glysa’s Eye was my first novel. A domestic thriller about a woman who lived in a destructive relationship, a relationship that had dramatic consequences.

Almost all my professional life I have worked as a journalist, but right now I am business manager at a study association adult school. There I am responsible, among other things, for the online courses and webinars about health.

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